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We met in University and the rest is history. In 2013, we relocated to Nova Scotia's South Shore in pursuit of a different kind of lifestyle.


What we found was a place to rest, play, grow, create and be inspired.


We created our practice to help others experience the qualities of this landscape and lifestyle.


The decisions we make when designing buildings depend on how we think about life, and I like to think about what really matters most to your every day experiences. By travelling and experiencing new things our perceptions adjust and become at the same time more critical and open minded. Now we live and work off grid right on the shoreline and love to see the sunrise from the horizon and the reflections of moonlight dancing on the ceiling.


I have a deep love for food; I love growing, cooking and feeding people and this feeds my fascination with designing kitchens. Like many of our designs, our own home is compact so I understand deeply the importance of planning every drawer, cupboard, hook and shelf to work seamlessly in the kitchen while staying connected with the rest of the home.

The rhythm of life in Nova Scotia is very peaceful and we live to see how each day’s weather changes the landscape around us. I like meeting like minded people and helping them find and create their perfect setting for every day life.

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