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Our experience working around the world has helped us develop a process for analyzing all of the potential benefits and roadblocks of a site before we start designing. We call this our Project Analysis.


We discuss in great detail what the project objectives are, then we investigate the site’s environmental conditions such as sun path, wind, lay of the land, key views and much more. This helps our clients understand all the constraints that their site will have on their design, and establishes the feasibility of the project.


In our practice, we design our buildings based on environmentally friendly principles. We choose materials that are renewable, can be reused or recycled, has zero or low toxicity, has zero or low off-gassing of harmful air emissions, is durable, is local and does not end up in landfill at the end of its life.


We make decisions that are in on our client’s best interest and we have a professional obligation to our clients and the wider society to do so.


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There are many ways to reduce costs in a building, by making efficiencies in design and finding innovative solutions without compromising its material integrity.


We care about our planet and strive to do our part to protect the environment one sustainable building at a time.

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