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our off grid journey

blandford, nova scotia

We were looking for a place to call home and found it here in the woods on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. In 2013, we relocated here to live off grid on the shoreline, not knowing what adventures it might bring. Everyone thought we were crazy.

The best way to describe it, is that we found a place rooted in peace that offered simple joys, where our mind, body and soul are replenished. It’s a place we can allow ourselves to be true, to forget our modern conditioning and attune to our inner selves. We found a place to rest, play, grow, create and be inspired. It's not only the ocean, it's also the plants, trees, birds and bears that come and go, but the ocean is the constantly changing presence that makes each day special.

When our clients from away describe why they chose Nova Scotia, we can always relate. They often describe how they grew tired of living a hurried autopilot life and yearned for a change of pace. They desire to create a new home and experience the qualities of this landscape. We know we are the best Architects to craft these experiences because we understand this desire so deeply. This is our home, we have anchored here.

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