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coastal home

blind bay, nova scotia

completed 2014


"When I first visited the site, I was captivated by the beautiful rock formation around the shoreline and it was important that the design of the home would fit and compliment this landscape. The idea was to create a home with dual personalities; one dark and mysterious and the other vibrant and delightful." Elaine


At first approach, the house appears as a simple grey monolith in the landscape. Rounding its corner, the building transforms into a colourful unique form upon a boardwalk pier, invoked by the incredible frameless glass railing detail. The large roof overhang shades the ribbon of South facing windows in summer and transitions into a wing wall with outdoor storage and a bench for sitting around the fire pit in the evenings. Every detail of this build was meticulously designed and built to the highest standard.


"I remember Jennifer describing how she wants to hear the sound of the waves and watch the stars at night, and so the house was perched upon a rock and positioned as close to the water as possible. Her involvement throughout the build helped shape the home to become the escape she had dreamed of. Although it was intended to be a summer home, Jennifer now lives here full time and enjoys spectacular views of every season." Elaine

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