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New Project Site

We spent some time this summer hanging out at Mark and Sandra’s great project site right here on the Aspotogan. It has a nice elevation and a sweeping view, there’s an island that is bound to be spectacular in winter when the swells pound the frozen shoreline. We have already exchanged some ideas and have started to develop them. Great minds think alike and I think this is going to be an incredible place to live!

Our first step was an intense project analysis that identified all the project constraints, and put us in the best position to begin the design stage.

We often like to use solar photovoltaic technology in our buildings but these panels are very sensitive to shading, and there are some tall trees on the site that may make a PV system inefficient. When this happens it may be better to focus on energy efficiency and vote for making the grid electricity supply green! In either case we always maintain the optimum envelope integrity and build buildings that last.

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